Ghost Market is book six of the Reapers Inc. Series. To see my reviews on the preceding books, click the links below.

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This post contains spoilers.

Lana Harvey has survived the war intact. She has her faithful hellhounds, her delicious Lord of the Flies, and her apprentice, Kevin, has been off of hellfire for six months. We don’t see Gabriel quite as much, but we can attribute that to his distaste for Bub and his work. 

Lana’s ability to see the potency of souls has been disclosed to the council, and they are furious. Jenni spends this entire novel trying to make sure they all aren’t executed, essentially. Naledi removes Lana’s special ability toward the beginning of the book, since Jenni is hoping it will give the council one less reason to want Lana dead. Lana struggles with some identity issues after this, which is understandable. 

Jenni also creates a new Special Ops unit, headed up by Lana, to track down souls that are being stolen from the Three Fates Factory. The council makes it clear that Lana finding these souls and taking down the trafficking ring will be a big factor in their decision on whether or not she lives or dies.

Lana is under a lot of stress in this book. Not that she hasn’t been in the previous books, but this is the only time her existence has come under direct threat from the council. She manages to take down the trafficking ring and recover twenty of the souls that were taken, and her existence is put up for a vote. One vote saved her life. 

Like the five books before it, Ghost Market is imaginative and wondrous. Roquet has kept my attention throughout six books (which is much harder than you think), and has me eagerly awaiting the release of the final book in the series, Hellfire and Brimstone, which will be released this coming October. I think I can safely say that I speak for every fan of this series when I say that October cannot come fast enough.